The road so far – From concept to project

In 2004 Ameri Communications decided to establish the very first Italian convention dedicated to citizens over the age of 55. Due to its success, other similar events and powerful acknowledgments followed. One of which is that this forum was recognized as the best “promotional activity about the active aging and solidarity among generations” by the Prime Minister office on the online magazine (managed by Daniela Boccadoro Ameri).

The ongoing demographic evolution, and the society’s persistent interest in services targeted for senior citizens, are the foundation on which we can establish a forum dedicated on the economy of seniors that represents a place to investigate the integrated supply chain.

The Silver Economy Forum is the first national event that allows all business sectors involved in the over 50s’ world to have a place in which they can discuss and compare ideas and needs.

Meetings, conventions, and workshops are scheduled to understand the ongoing demographic changes that will allow experts, economists, enterprises, public administration, institutions, and associations to draw a roadmap to intercept and satisfy the target demands.

Why Silver Economy

The yearly estimated global turnover of the Silver Economy is of seven trillion dollars. This takes up 620 billion euros of Italy’s gross national product (GNP).

Fifteen trillion dollars is the estimated global value of the private expenditure for seniors in 2020. In Europe this is worth about 25% of the GNP.

Italy, second to Japan, has the most aged population in the world. The “Annual report about the national situation” (ISTAT – 2018) stated that in Italy there are 168.7 seniors for every 100 young persons.

The Center for Study’s and Research of Social Security Itineraries predicted that in 2040 there will be 23.3 million senior citizens (39.4% of the population). They have a better net estate and income situation compared to the population’s average (“Servizio Studi BNL”). Actually, 40% of people between the age of 55 and 64 years owns a net wealth of more than 250 thousand euros. This percentage remains above 30% when we consider families with members that are 65 years old and above.