Silver Economy Forum

5th Edition

The acceleration of medical research as a result of the pandemic, allowed the development of numerous vaccines, therapeutic and preventive, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and its longevity. 

In this scenario, the 5°edition of the Silver Economy Forum is centered around the research for new life perspectives for the population over 50s: from scientific and technologic discoveries to all the services aim to promote the psychophysical wellbeing. 

Thanks to the improvement of life conditions, today Silvers experience countless possibilities to dedicate more attention to themselves  and to represent a fundamental resource for the entire community. 

Silver Economy at the global level

Home automation, telemedicine, nutrition and health in the broadest sense, but also tourism and leisure. Silver economy is in fact composed of a very varied and changing range of sectors.

According to a study conducted on behalf of the European Commission, its value in Europe alone amounted to € 3,700 billion in 2015. Anticipating a potential annual growth rate of 5%, it is set to reach € 5,700 billion in 2025.
Globally, its worth is estimated at € 15,000 billion.

What is the Silver Economy Forum

The forum ranks as the first event in the country to give voice to all business sectors that contribute to outlining the economy that revolves around the over-50s’ world. The format includes a number of meetings, conferences, workshops
to understand the changes and draw a roadmap with the support of experts, economists, businesses, public administration organisations and associations on the effect of the demographic changes underway, with a view to capturing the future needs of the target audience.

Market revolution, sectors particularly involved, trends, outlook

Local Area
Changes in local policies, development, new growth opportunities, new needs

Social and cultural transformations brought about by the improvement and quality of life prospects

Building Together the Silver Future


MISSION – A full overview of longevity as a resource and as a source of new investment opportunities to talk about, give visibility to and expand the market deriving from the silver economy sector, with a view to creating a specialised forum for gaining insights into the integrated chain of production.

GOALS – Encourage public opinion and decision-makers to explore scenarios in order to design pieces of the future landscape and help businesses act as a blueprint for the senior target by delivering dedicated services, advantages and news that satisfy the target audience.

PROJECT – A forum addressing major silver economy-related issues with eminent speakers, institutions, professionals, businesses, experts and academics to give visibility to the world of senior individuals and related services while seeking innovative solutions for active and healthy aging.

Topics and Trend

We hear more and more about LONGEVITY rather than silver. From silver tsunami to longevity revolution;

HEALTH PREVENTION – A key enabler for longevity;

AGING IN PLACE – It has become a banner in countries where silver economy is most developed. A healthcare market that includes wellness services, entertainment, and housing;

Investing in WELFARE and new needs of senior individuals;

PRODUCTIVITY and Venture Capital for silver economy-oriented companies, key drivers for the country’s growth;

Longevity and FINTECH, a growing trend involving the development of products and services by banks to remain financially stable well into old age;

 The TECH segment is increasingly geared towards today’s highlanders.

The First 4 editions

• More than 8,000 people attended
• Over 50,000 users shared these intense days through their social channels.
• We reached 800,000 people through DEM endeavours in the months leading up to the event.
• More than 270 speakers took the stage covering a whole range of topics in 40 focused sessions.
• All the main regional and national Genoese Authorities and Institutions participated.
• We won the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the European Commission.

Format: forum & fair

The forum will be developed in 4 days, and the big news of this edition lies in an exhibition area showcasing products and services dedicated to the Silver Community. The forum will feature in-person and online participation:

In-person section for meetings with institutions/general public/businesses and networking
Online section to ensure the right participation and interactivity

14-15-16 November 2023, Palazzo della Meridiana, Salita San Francesco 4, Genova

24 November 2023, NH Villa Carpegna, via Pio IV 6, Rome

4 days

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