Silver Trends

Let’s take a look at over 55 years old people's choices.


In Italy the over 65 represent more than 21% of the population and in 50 years they will reach 32% with numerous consequences, already visible, on financial-economic policies, and expenditure.

Who are they, these so called “silver” people and how are they evolving? Which trends outline the Silver Economy? How can enterprises and businesses satisfy the needs and expectations of silver citizens?

As a matter of fact, this trend of an aging population will open up new business opportunities in different sectors.

This phenomenon has been supervised by the Silver Economy Forum and “Lattanzio Monitoring & Evaluation” through a model that puts together both qualitative and quantitative data


The focus on the Silver Economy, made possible by this forum, gives partners and enterprises a new point of view that will help them to better understand the demands of senior citizens.

The partnership between Silver Economy Forum and “Lattanzio Monitoring & Evaluation” aims to:

  • encourage the consideration of new business opportunities, through communications and the establishment of the Silver Trend Observatory.
  • advise partners that want to grow their investments on the silver economy

Quantitative data (like demographic analysis) and qualitative data (reviews and opinions of community) are both essentials to achieve these goals.

An assessment questionnaire will be given to Altraeta online community through a dedicated platform. Then we will elaborate the data and present them through easy-to-understand charts.

All of this will enable us to better understand the Silver Economy.

During the web conference on June 17th“Changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic to senior citizens’ lifestyles” we will show the results regarding what senior citizens (over 55 years old) think of remote healthcare.

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