Silver Economy Forum 2019

Second Edition

June 13-14-15, 2019

Palazzo della Borsa – Genoa

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Thursday – June 13th

8:30 – 9:00: Participants’ registration

9:00: Opening activities

Giancarlo Vinacci, Assessore allo Sviluppo e Promozione Economica del Comune di Genova


  1. Paolo Odone, Presidente Confcommercio Genova e Presidente Aeroporto di Genova
  2. Luigi Attanasio, Presidente Camera di Commercio di Genova
  3. Giovanni Mondini, Presidente Confindustria Genova
  4. Marco Bucci, Sindaco di Genova

9:30 – 12:00

Session 1: Aging population – Future challenges

Moderator: Massimo Righi, Il Secolo XIX

Speakers First part:

  1. Sonia Viale“Healthcare system in Liguria and developing opportunities of the silver economy”
  2. Vittoria Buratta“Silver age: new social and demographic Italian sceneries”
  3. Enrico Brizioli“Silver Economy:  residency and rehabilitation”
  4. Fabio Carsenzuola“Healthcare Manager: how to satisfy the needs of both, over 65 years old people and their family caregivers”

Speakers Second part:

  1. Mariuccia Rossini, “National preview of the Silver Economy Network”
  2. Paolo Piccini,“A technological ecosystem to improve quality of life”
  3. Alberto Pilotto“Senior’s dedicated technology”
  4. Marco Comaschi,“High excellency: an example of public and private integration”
  5. Mario Barbagallo“Senior of the third millennium – between health and vulnerability”

12:00 – 13:30

Session 2: Tourism for senior citizens: Genoa and Liguria, ideal touristic destinations

Moderator: Fabio Sironi, Dove


  1. Giuseppe Giaccardi“ Silver Tourism, a gleeful opportunity. Indications and results of the Silvertraveler’s Trends & Trips”
  2. Pietro Paolo Giampellegrini“Liguria – an ideal touristic destination for senior citizens”
  3. Laura Gazzolo“Hotel and services for silver travelers”
  4. Matteo Losio, Presidente dell’Associazione Ristoranti Fepag Genova
  5. Ilaria Caprioglio, “Eco-friendly cities: active aging and age management policies”
  6. Paola Bordilli, “Genoa: Silver Tourism – what to expect”

14:00 – 15:00

Press Conference “Movendo Technology and silver index: prevention and prediction of repercussions”

15:15 – 16:45

Session 3: Retirement insurance and real estate systems

Moderator: Emanuele Rossi, Il Secolo XIX


  1. Elsa Fornero“Senior’s economy safety and opportunities for young people: conflict or complementarity?”
  2. Paolo Sardi“INPS retirement benefits – data and analysis of the situation in Liguria”
  3. Carlo Tenderini“Long Term Care. Old age planning”
  4. Andrea Bovone“Private equity and silver economy – Finance to improve the quality of life”
  5. Davide Viziano“Social-economic challenges and services to support senior citizens”

Event accreditated by ordine dei giornalisti, degli avvocati, dei notai e degli assistenti sociali. 

The program may undergo variations.

Friday - June 14th

9:00 – 9:30: Participants’ registration

9:30 – 11:00

Session 4: New professions for new job opportunities

Moderator: Nadia Campini, Repubblica


  1. Ilaria CavoGreetings
  2. Luigi Polesel“Silver economy: A growing marketplace – new job opportunities and new rules”
  3. Fosca Basso, “Artificial Intelligence at the service of a Value-based healthcare”
  4. Stefano Poli, “University of Genoa – how education and research cope with the active aging”
  5. Manuel Sericano“Regional book for caregivers and baby sitters – Project presentation:”
  6. Giancarlo Vinacci“Silver Economy projects: results of the public announcement”

11:00 – 13:00

Session 5: Domotics and innovative process for senior citizens

Moderator: Eva Perasso, Telenord


  1. Arianna Viscogliosi“Genoa Silver Friendly – Clickesy Project: educational paths about digital technology dedicated to over 65 years old people”
  2. Gianluca Santoro“Home innovation for senior citizens” 
  3. Mauro Invernizzi,“Doro’s easy to use smartphone – from analogic to the digital era”
  4. Giovanni D’Alessandro“Smart purchasing for 2020 seniors”
  5. Antonella Giuni“Kibi: AI software dedicated to taking care of older people”
  6. Antonio Sgorbissa“CARESSES – a friendly robot sensible to cultural differences”
  7. Giampaolo Monti“Smart home – to better serve senior’s needs”

14:00: Participants’ registration

14:30 – 18:30

Session 6: “Rights of the third age”

The seminar was arranged by A.NA.STE. Liguria

Moderator: Enrico Ravera, Presidente Tribunale di Genova


  1. Ernesto Palummeri“Aging population – challenges for an eco-friendly future”
  2. Andrea Lomi“Ability to act and the weaken of seniors”
  3. Massimo Dogliotti“Senior citizens ‘rights and protection measures”
  4. Rosaria BonoContractual tools to plan the third age”
  5. Alessandro Pirani“The foreseen treatment arrangements of people with neuro-cognitive impediments”
  6. Stefano Savi, “More common crimes against senior citizens”
  7. Marco Capecchi, “Theory and wrong methods about the management of senior citizens’ wealth”
  8. Stefano Puppo“More common crimes against senior citizens’ wealth”
  9. Andrea Fusaro“Tools to manage senior citizens’ wealth”

Event accredited by ordine dei giornalisti, degli avvocati, dei notai e degli assistenti sociali.

The program may undergo variations.

Saturday – June 15th

9.30 – 10:00: Participants’ registration

10:00 – 12:30

Session 7: Healthy and in shape after the 50s

Moderator: Daniela Boccadoro Ameri, Direttrice


  1. Adriana Albini“Drugs in our food – serious disease prevention. Healthy aging insurance”
  2. Silvia Bornia“Food to prevent premature aging”
  3. Tiziana Lazzari“The beauty of the passing time: a guide to well-being and harmony”
  4. Nicoletta Cinotti“Mindfulness: what is it and how it works”
  5. Chiara Nardini“I am too old….to love you!”
  6. Gian Pietro Mainardi, “The posture as a physiological adjustment to gravity and ABC method – deep learning; facts not only words”
  7. Cinzia Pennati, “Creativity doesn’t age”
  8. Cristina Querci“Taking care of me – a recommendation from the Asian world”


Event accredited by ordine dei giornalisti, degli avvocati, dei notai e degli assistenti sociali.

The program may undergo variations.